Facetune APK for Android List

Facetune APK for Android List - All Versions Included - Download Links

It doesn’t require technical knowledge to download Facetune photo editing app. Depending on the OS you’re using, you should be able to download it directly from Google Play store, Microsoft or Apple stores.

The app will be delivered in APK extension format. Once you have the app downloaded, it can be easily installed into your device’s storage by following simple on-screen instructions.

Facetune APK 2017

Facetune 1.1.4 APK (Mar 28, 2017)

Facetune 1.1.3 APK (Mar 16, 2017)

Facetune 1.1.3 APK (Jan 08, 2017)

Facetune 1.1.0 APK (Jan 04, 2017)

Facetune APK 2016

Facetune 1.1.0 APK (Aug 31, 2016)

Facetune 1.0.16 APK (Aug 28, 2016)

Facetune APK 2015

Facetune 1.0.12 APK (Mar 27, 2015)

Facetune APK 2014

Facetune 1.0.10 APK (Sep 26, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.9 APK (Sep 01, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.8 APK (Aug 19, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.7 APK (Aug 05, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.6 APK (Aug 04, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.5 APK (Aug 01, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.4 APK (Jul 30, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.3 APK (Jul 29, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.2 APK (Jul 28, 2014)

Facetune 1.0.1 APK (Jul 26, 2014)

How to install Facetune APK on your Android smartphone

Installing APK on you phone has never been easier.

You can install APK files from the browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You just have to follow few simple steps:

  1. Select a version from a list of APK files
  2. Tap it and you should then be able to see it downloading on the top bar of your smartphone
  3. Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads
  4. Tap on the APK file and tab YES when prompted
  5. The app will begin installing on your phone.
  6. That’s it 🙂

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Facetune APK 2018 Edition

Facetune APK Standart Edition 2018

Facetune App is one of the most useful apps out there regarding image retouching and editing. This app provides you with unique and yet simple tools for you to use when you edit your pictures or selfie.

With Facetune APK you can add artistic touches to make your photo your own and also Customizable filters can be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas. Isn’t it great?

Why Facetune APK 2018 Edition you ask? Well not only this app gives you lots of awesome filters and settings for image altering, but it also works perfect for social medias. You can upload your retouched selfies to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and just see the reaction of your friends and fans! But why stop here? Even your phone galleries are at your disposal. You are only limited by your creativity! So yeah GO FOR IT! And enjoy.

Facetune APK 2018 Edition for Android and iOS

Facetune APK 2018 Design and Interface

Facetune APK comes with a very clean and intuitive user friendly interface. Making it very easy and simple to use by anyone. Something to note is that the application has a huge diversity of tools, filters, stickers and other photo editing features.

As an additional feature, you can instantly share your edited photos with your friends & family through social media or e-mail. The application is so complete and professional that it can replace PC editing software like Photoshop unless you are looking for some really high end editing. Simply flawless.

Adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast and the other options transforms photos with defects into professional looking photos. With few tabs you can focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background.

The app isn’t available in many languages but this is not something to worry about since it is very intuitive to work with. Another downside is that the application is not free but it is worth it’s money!

Facetune APK 2018 is an application that is available for both Android and iOS. It lets you edit your photos and apply different frames at your photos. Having trouble? Facetune offers informative graphic and video help screens for each feature. There is a lot free tutorials and samples.

The application is ideal for anyone who wants professional portraits in 2018. The first step that you have to make is to chose a photo from the gallery or to take a new photo. After you have the image you can start adding volume to your lashes and shape your brows , color to your lips, intensity to your natural lip color and many more.

Facetune APK Online

Facetune APK for Android Devices

Look beautiful in all of your Selfies by simply downloading Facetune APK Online. It will become your favourite photo editor in no time. Thanks to its comfortable and easy to use interface and great features, the app quickly earned the love of many.

Facetune APK Download is a photo editing app with a very specific goal: to make your photos look their best! In today’s technology world, where almost everything revolves around social networks and sharing life experiences, an app like this can be very useful. Furthermore, it’s especially helpful for Selfies. It’s designed to make them look as amazing as possible.

Facetune App APK is also very useful, in case you want to trick your friends into thinking you look better than you really do! A very fun activity for both you and your friends! And when I say your friends, I also mean the ones on social networks. Because, with this app, like other similar ones, you can share your creations online. That can happen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE and many more.

Unlike many other similar apps, Facetune Free Download has a lot of features the other photo editors lack. The app gives you a bunch of options to help improve your Selfies. How the app works is that you can either take a selfie in the app or import an existing one. Then you can start playing with your face with the many filters. Options within Facetune APK Online Editor include filters, skin retouching, acne removal and even virtual facelifts.

You can download Facetune APK on phones, tablets and PC. iPhone users can get it on iTunes. Android users can download it in Google Play. PC users can get it by using Bluestacks.

Facetune APK for Android

Facetune APK for Android Devices

Whatever I say about this photo editor won’t be enough! Facetune APK For Android is a magical beauty camera! Magical, because after you give it a try, your photos will never be the same! Don’t believe me? Simply download it and see for yourselves.

No wonder Facetune APK Camera is known as the magical beauty camera for perfect Selfies! Which is also wonderful news for all of you Selfie fans out there. I bet you can’t wait to try it out! In this article I will give you good reasons why you should.

Facetune APK Editor is a photo app with multiple tools for removing blemishes and smoothing your skin tone. After you’re done, your Selfies will come out perfect! In addition to giving you the perfect results you’ve always wanted, it’s very easy to use. Also works very well and smooth, which is more than most photo editing apps can manage!

Another difference from other apps, is that when you first open Facetune App, you will discover a brief tour on how to use. Very helpful for those, who haven’t used a photo editing app before. Not all that necessary though, given the app’s highly intuitive interface.

When you start editing, you will have few choices in front of you: Canvas, Whiten, Tooth and more. You will of course get different options according to your choice.

Eventhough you are making small modifications on your photos, they will still make a big difference. Your photos will look better than ever! Thanks to all the options, like smoothing out your complexion, making your eyes bigger, brightening your face, making your face contour narrower and etc, anyone can appear much more attractive. With the help of Facetune APK Camera, you will become famous among your friends in social medias. I can assure you you’ll get many questions about what editing app you use for your photos!

In additions to all the modifications you are offered, you can also make more radical changes to your photos. I’m talking about adding stickers, as well as filter effects like brilliance that will make any Selfie stand out. Once you’re done editing, Facetune APK Free Download itself will offer you to share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr. In short, a good photo editing app with simple interface, that enables you to touch up your photos in just seconds.

This app is free and it contains a lot of handy features that distinguish it from other photo apps. Definitely worth your time! So, don’t hesitate and download it now!

You can download Facetune App on phones, tablets and PC. iPhone users can get it on iTunes. Android users can download it in Google Play. PC users can get it by using Bluestacks.