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Facetune for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Perfect your selfies with the new Facetune for PC! With its help your device will have the control and the power of a professional photo editor, which was previously only available on computers.

Adjust exposure, white balance, reshape, adjust, shrink, enlarge or add filter to your photos. These and more amazing features await you, if you download Facetune for PC now. Retouching a selfie was never been easier! Introducing the “Hair salon” feature, which allows you to remove stray hairs and fill bald patches on your selfies or pictures. Either that, or give it depth and vitality. In Facetune for PC the tools will adapt to the colors and tune the brightness, the saturation and the contrast.

With Facetune for PC you can change your eye color or refine your smile. Thus increasing the impact of the subject of the photo in a great way. Or you can trim or crop your picture into a smaller one. That is a good choice if you want to emphasize something from your original picture.

Facetune Camera for PC will let you transform your selfies in more than one way! For example, you can rotate it 90 ° with a simple click. You can also flip to the photo to its mirror image, or even straighten the photo and fill the empty fields after the rotation. Whether you want the app’s help, or you prefer to selectively apply effects to parts of your image, both ways are achievable.

As you may have already noticed, there is an increasing number of people longing for good photos, mostly selfies. Thus Facetune for PC is now available for all users who need a good image editor. That is mainly because it can offer us quick and easy to use editing options. Everything happens fast, smooth and without issues, resulting in a beautiful photo, ready to be uploaded.

Facetune for PC & Mac - Fre Desktop Download

Facetune for PC will quickly become your best editing selfie friend!

If you are one of those people, that loves to customize their photos before uploading them, this app is the perfect choice for you. You can have fun to your heart’s content and achieve amazing results at the same time! It was created with the idea of a customer’s full satisfaction, and it doesn’t fail to bring such results every single time! Snapseed for PC allows you to customize your images in your own way. The app offers a long list of features, which has driven its users crazy with excitement.

Do don’t wait anymore and get Facetune Download for PC now! Customize anything you want to into your own miracle! Facetune Desktop for PC will be your best friend when editing and customizing any photos or pictures you have on your phone, or your computer. You will be able to share them in the social media through Facebook, MySpace, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more. You can also send your friends your creations via Skype, Message, Bluetooth and more.

Facetune App for Android, iOS & PC

A great way of editing portraits while on the go

Facetune App is designed for iPhone as well as Android users and with its interactive editing features it has gained so much popularity over Instagram, Flickr and many more. The interface possesses so many buttons for one touch access to features like smoothing, whiten, canvas, reshape, details enhancement etc.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a selfie lover, an Instagram addict, or just someone who likes taking pictures with friends and family on their Android or iPhone, there’s an app out there that can promise model-like portraits, airbrushed masterpieces, and magazine-quality snapshots, and it’s called Facetune.

Facetune brings pro-level photo editing capabilities to your Android or iPhone device with great results, but you’ll need some patience to learn the ropes.

Facetune App Photo Editor Online

“Facetune puts Photoshop-like retouching capabilities at the fingertips of the masses.”

Victoria Taylor, New York Daily News

Facetune App for Android

Facetune for Android Review

Do you hate having your picture taken because you always seem to look bad in photos? If friends are always snapping you on a night out to post the pics to social media, insist that they use your phone and then you can edit the results afterwards in Facetune! This portrait-focused photo editor has now arrived on Android. Which is great news because it can produce some amazing transformations, using similar blemish-removal effects and morphing tricks to those employed by fashion magazines.

Facetune App for iOS

Facetune for iOS Devices

One of the most effective tools in Facetune for iOS is Patch, which is used to clone pixels from one area and paste them into another. This is ideal for removing obvious facial blemishes such as large spots. Just tap the area to alter, then drag to another to use as a replacement; you can pinch to alter the size, and rotate it to match the surrounding texture. Naturally, you can zoom right in for more precise control, although it’s still a little fiddly to rotate patches on smaller phones.

Facetune App for PC

Facetune for PC computersIf you’ve used an advanced desktop image editor before, you’ll feel at home with the tools here. Novices needn’t worry either, though, as upon selecting each tool, you’re giving tips how to use it and can even practise on demo photos. Alongside standard options such as cropping, rotation and red-eye removal, Facetune for PC offers a range of advanced tools.

How to use Facetune on PC

Used well, Facetune App really is like a magic wand for enhancing selfies, portraits and group shots – or even old family photos – and offers precision control of its professional-style retouch tools.

Facetune Free Download

Facetune Free Download

What is Facetune and why I should use it?

Facetune Free download is definitely a must-have photo editing app for selfies. Facetune was designed to help you improve selfies and portraits. I definitely  could have used this app when I was in high school for my yearbook and prom photos.

Facetune Download is one of the greatest tools for selfies you will even find on the internet and you can use it with your mobile device, tablet or even with your computer, which makes it easily available for anyone, anywhere.
In Facetune Download you will find Powerful Photo Editing Features with which you will be able to create miracles with tools like Smooth or Reshape or Whiten or if you need to crop something and even rotations will be available for you when you get Facetune Free Download.

Facetune can widen smiles and brighten teeth. It can also be used to remove pimples and blemishes and brighten dark circles under the eyes. Plus it can also remove red- and white-eye effects.

Replacing grey hairs with a different color and filling in bald patches is a cinch with Facetune. And you can use Facetune to refine jawlines, reshape the nose, add color to your  lips and apply blush shades and eye shadows.

It’s not only that, also available in Download Facetune will be the breath-taking effects such as filters, lights, borders or even vignette and another great thing is that you will have high quality resolution for clean and clear photos and last but not least remove blemishes, pimples and scars. How cool is that?

Another great available thing in Facetune Free Download is the Smooth with which you have just to swipe for perfect skin, also many free filters like Sepia, Sapphire, Azure and BW Cool.

Facetune Free Download is a really great application which will allow you to do amazing things with it, have a lot of fun, share photos and pictures. Facetune Online is made to help you take the greatest selfies possible and edit them in amazing way and also allowing you to edit any of the photos or pictures you already have and making them truly amazing.

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